Let’s talk

The importance of spoken words cannot be usurped. It is unarguably,the basic ingredient,a cornerstone in the building of good relationships. Having the thoughts or the feelings towards a person,a concept or an idea has no value unless the message is properly passed across to the intended recipient. Over and over, counsellors, motivational speakers have extolled the value of communication. It is said to be the key to great relationships. Without mincing words,the dearth of communication is the begining of rot in any relationship. The possibility of a person knowing what you mean without you clarifying your stance is slim. People come from different backgrounds,and have different experiences. Even people who grew up in the same enviroment may still have differing outlooks on the same events. A little explanation of your actions would not hurt.
However, communication is more than just what is said. The ‘how’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ also matter. With couples,it is especially true that not everything to be said is said. To communicate in a relationship is more than eloquence or abundance of words. The place of tacit communication is also important. You should be able to hear and understand little actions,to learn new things about your partner. However,it still does not hurt to ask questions when necessary. And if your relationship has already gone sour, one question i’d like to ask is this,’do you want your partner and the world to know you are right or do you want things to be right between the two of right?’
Your pride is important but there comes a time when you need to take that cloak off.
I may not have clearly communicated all my feelings and ideas in this note but i think what i want to pass is this, life would be so much easier if you could say what you are feeling, listen to what I am feeling and lets find a way through together. Effective communication is the key to understanding and can two walk together……………………

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