The Thing She Held Back

Layer after layer, he laid his heart bare as he told stories of his childhood, his mistakes, his fears and his hopes.

She listened as his brow curled in pain as if he was back in the closet, shutting his ears from the muffled grunts rising from his mother in the room next to his.
He shut his eyes tight trying not to see the purple droops below her eyes as she brought dinner out of the kitchen.
A sad laugh hung on his lips as he shook the pictures out of his head and rested on the laps of a woman he knew he would never hurt.
He let out a deep sigh of appreciation,enjoying Aby’s sleek palm tracing the lines that tears once streaked many years before.

She held him close.
What else could she do?

Here was a man that thought her a friend enough to share the pain of his past with her.
She knew she had no reason to wonder why but still couldn’t help herself.
To admit that he was falling in love with her would raise questions of what she was feeling too.
That was a territory she had no dreams of plunging into or even spying just yet.
To make her walls thicker, she noted he was yet to ask her out. Maybe she was reading too much into the signals.
They were friends. Close friends. And that was it.
Yet she wondered why she would hold back so honest a thing from a friend.
Her stomach rumbled as he got up with a laugh, swiftly telling a joke and moving on to more trivial matters.
His eyes darted up and down in quick numbers trying to ward off the akwardness of the sudden joke.
Aby held his face in a gaze that told him he was not to worry,a gaze that betrayed her resolution to keep back from the dreaded mines of feelings.

A growl rushed through her belly, everything she had effortlessly held in trying to make its way out.
Her plump lips spread in a teasing bow and her laughter poured out loud, keeping in line with his stories.
The right words spewed out at the right times but not for a moment was that knot to be let loose.
It had stayed tight for so long, she was almost certain it would not come out. It was not the kind of thing she wanted to share,at least not with him.
Not yet.

Her stomach churned as he smiled into her eyes again. This time she knew she was on the edge,loosing control. It was going to come out now.
She had to move. Get up. Get to the next room and pick up a piece of paper or just go out for some air. Yes, air!
That should clear it and keep her steady,at least for now. Till he was gone and she was left alone in her room. Then she would break down and pour out all that fought to be let out.
But alas, she couldn’t move. She was held by his gaze. A rush through her belly parted her lips ever so slightly,but only a tiny breathe came out.

A touch on the nose, a hand on her thighs and she could feel the warmth of his breathe inches away from her face.
There was something about her he could not keep away from; and it wasn’t just how she had the right words, or how much he laughed more around her.
The fine lines on her face tugged at his heartstrings and every flow in him beat in resonance to it.
Her face stayed,not even a fleeting breathe.
He heard a song of fools play in his head as he held back a second,he knew he’d be one if he failed to do as the moment demanded.

In one swift move,he covered the distance between their lips.
The walls cracked,she could deny it no more. She could hold back no more.
Like a flower welcoming the sun in the morning,she lost herself in her first kiss.
And with it came what she had held back for over an hour, rippling through her stomach,an evidence of a healthy digestive system.
Soaking in the spring of something new and blissful, she had no chance to pray that the air be a friend and move along with the consequence of a long held fart.

5 thoughts on “The Thing She Held Back

  1. Kolo babe. How do i start?! Well,enjoyd readn allov dem. And yes,u did make me laff. I lyk d depth and uv talkd abt tnz av meditated upon at sm point in my life. Lyk dey say,i comprhendé *mind me spelling*. Good work beau and yes,u do av GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR.


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