New Page

Sometimes, you say or do something and expect a certain reply or reaction; infact, you’ve pictured the scene in your head and it just goes left. Then you just have to accept that people are not figments of your imagination. Not fictions. They are real. Your idea of what they have in mind is very little. Even when you do guess right, you still have no idea what’s coming up next.
If you choose to be or talk with people,you can just realise and accept it now that they are not your dream come true. They could be worse. They could be better. But they will be different. You cannot write a script in your head and expect them to follow it. Not even if you tell them. They are human; like you, not robots. My mother says,”Go with an open mind”.
If you are coming with volumes of scripted out expectations,are you also willing to accept theirs? Instead of starting out with pages filled with high-expectant details and over the moon dreams,why not just get a new book? Start anew and make this a journal,diary sort of thing. Write as it happens. Your life and time with anybody be it in business or personal matters, is not a fairy tale, or any tale that has been told before. It’s all new. Let it be. Don’t snuff it. Let it breathe. Let it have a life.
No doubt,people will fall below your expectation. But they can also go beyond or out of your expectation and make you happy. Give room for a twist in the tale. Enjoy the suspense.
For all you know,you might enjoy the unfolding story.

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