Do. New

I took a road I’d never taken before today. The road is just a turn away from my own street but it’s never been a neccesary route. It wasn’t today either. I just felt like taking it. As I walked through, I wondered what would happen if at the tail of the road, I find myself in a world utterly different from here. Maybe in a tube, white or metallic, stored up with every sort of food and apples and good music and books. Maybe a land of robots, or just a new place with really funny people. Well,nothing of any of that sort happened. I came out onto a familiar surrounding, the expected.
But I still felt good about taking the new route. The adjoining road was no doubt the familiar but there was a tinge bit of difference in the way I thought of it- in the light of the new route I had just taken.
Somethings are just special in themselves,just because they happen. Or because you do them. Nothing might seem to have changed physically when you pray to God for forgiveness but somehow you know, it isn’t all the same anymore. When you pass a level and move to the next or graduate, your first personal wardrobe acquisition doesn’t make your room any bigger. When you say ‘yes,I will go out with you’ and your yellow teeth doesn’t turn white. But somehow it just goes down as ‘a moment’ and everything,though still the same, takes a different shade to you. You just know it and that’s enough.
If that’s the case, why worry so much about what would happen after doing this or saying that? If there’s something new to try,that doesn’t break the law or contradict your values (not a value of never entertaining change), just make the move. Taste a new dish (okra in moimoi-a norm for me though). Try a new dance move (I still don’t get that etighi). Learn a sport.
Just take a leap of faith. Do something spontaneous. Be an active player in your fate. Jump.

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