She choked on a scream as the branch snapped like a dry twig. A large drop of red tear trickled out of the corner of her left eye. She grabbed a second branch to keep her balance.
Looking up at her window,she considered climbing back up and giving up the venture. But the thought was gone in a flash; she was a long way from where she started. . .giving up was not an option.
She was only a few minutes from tasting what her soul thirsted for. . . . .freedom. A few bruises and near fracture could not make her stop. It was time to show her spectacled straight-laced parents that 16 was a big one. The key to her freedom was across the 5foot tall fence and the memory of his kiss kept pulling at the strings of her heart, mind and ultimately, her body.
Finally, she made her way to Matt’s and nervously tapped on the window. Her heart just about leapt out of her body as he helped her into his room.
”Nita”, he whispered, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. ”Nita. . .it’s almost midnight”, he continued,his eyes darting around. ”I was thinking you changed your mind”

”Well,. .I . . . I wasn’t .t.too sure. . .but I’m here now”, she said with a heavy sigh and crossed her arms.
They both stared at each other for a few tense seconds. The thumping of a hip-hop track playing in his brother’s room faded as Matt pulled her in for a kiss. She knew it would be perfect.
After what seemed like hours to her,she felt his warm palm tracing the length of her back. A sudden thought of consequence flashed through her mind. She shivered a little and tried to make her mind go blank.
Just then,they heard a piercing scream from Matt’s mother. Air seemed to freeze mid-breathe. Nita dug her nails into Matt as she squeezed his arm tightly. Matt swallowed stiff spittle as he heard strange voices barking fierce orders.
Matt’s eyes bulged as he whispered in a shaky voice,”thieves”.
The first bang on his door was the cue for action. He threw a shirt on Nita and shoved the trembling girl into his closet. A second and third blow on the door and he was face to face with the gun wielding terrors. He ran like a scathed dog in his shorts to join his mother and brother in the living room,while his father attended to the need of the late night visitors.
Lying on the ground,he shut his eyes, his fear-paled lips muttering desperate prayers for Nita’s safety. But at her scream,he knew he should have said his prayers of confession. The look of shock and wonderment on his mother’s face matched the surge of horror into his very soul. For a moment he imagined throwing a fist into the face of the one assigned to keep them glued to the ground. But he could not even twitch. Every thump of his pulse against his flesh pumped harder as Nita’s screams grew louder and all the more uneven. He squeezed his eyes tighter but could not fight revulsion at the horrid images that filled his mind.
A flight of stairs away, Nita’s spirited scratching and trashing only sent waves of pleasure down the spine of her onminous attacker. Her puny form soon laid flat on the cold hard tiles. In one firm pull,the buttons on her shirt flew in different directions. A calloused palm ravished her plump smooth bossom as she squirmed, squealed and threw her fist in his chest. Her lids drooped as drops of shimmering tears streamed down her face. A second hand travelled down her thighs and ripped her new panties off. Vicious fingers found their way through the pink folds of her innocence. Thousand of twisted knots formed in her guts. The hand on her breast moved and pinned her lips shut, muffling the morbid screams that rose from her throat. She heard the sound of his buckle drop and felt his engorged member against her thighs. Her body went limb. She knew she had no chance against this evil that tormented her with his deathly grunts.
She prayed her mind would go numb as her back grazed the hard floor with every move he made. It did not. She felt every single surge as he plunged into her and ripped her in more ways than he would ever know.

As suddenly as they had come, the dark hooded monsters left. Fleeing into the cold air as the darkness swallowed them up. They carried with them treasures even they did not expect, leaving behind a shaken household, fear threatening to clog their breathe, a young man that could barely think and a numb girl who had come in search of freedom but had fallen deep into an abyss she never imagined existed.

6 thoughts on “Frail

  1. i refuse to agree dat creativity is learned not natural
    I refuse to agree that dis is not creativity,
    I deeply refuse to agree that this is not one of the best blogs ever opened
    But dami u jst had to write dis on my Birthday right???
    Couldnt evn thnk of the freedom of adding another year, nat fair.


  2. Had to read this story twice cos of the chills it caused in my spine while focused on it. Lovely dami, i want to knw…”DO U WANNA MAKE ME CRY”?? The fact that she got raped by a punk ass thief pricked my heart immensely. Well sha, tis only a story, a great one i mean. I only hope your next story would call more smiles to my face than emotions. Ta Ta


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