The elements of the world have distorted the image of what Love is. The world has hung blinds over the entire reality of Love to give a veiled and twisted view of the whole essence of what Love is. We may experience Love in the many forms it comes in and in the various ways it can be expressed but the crux of this tangible element of life cannot be changed. If it is contorted, disfigured or allowed to fade in anyway,it becomes dificult to believe or trust in Love. This reason is what makes individuals settle for less than they should and can have. It is the reason that many pursue the benefits of Love and not Love itself. We want to be Happy without Love. We want to Trust without Love.

We permit the horrors,sadness,hurts,mistakes and fears of the past as well as the illusion the world conjures to colour our present disposition to love and paint a frightful and dour picture of the future.
And again, many of us just cant bear to have anything for free. We just cant believe and accept that something as beautiful and precious can be simple. We strive to get what we already have access to. It is not easy for many to believe that simplicity is not laziness or dearth of style,its an understanding. Many of us want to ‘go through the eye of the needle’. To us,’if it aint hard,it aint worth it.’ And so some want to sneak to get it,some feel they can steal it,some beg for it. The truth is simple and easy. I used to think you could seperate the Love that we have for Christ from what obtains in other spheres of our lives….it always made me wonder but I get it now. A base. Love is Definite and one thing. Its not something you have to EXPLAIN.
Love can only be found in Christ, the essence of Love,all it embodies, 1 corinthians 13, is simple,true and beautiful. Love is a DOable reality,but only in Christ and simply so. Dont settle for less.

2 thoughts on “Simple

  1. I love your way with words, you make ordinary words seem so extraordinary. I stumbled on your blog today and I’m really glad I did. Can’t sleep though, till I’m done reading. Beautiful write ups. Keep it up!


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