The Service Year

The service year has flown by already. Almost like yesterday I got my oversize sack-like khaki and began a journey I thought would be more exciting than it turned to be. Right now, I am finding it a bit challenging to coin out a story wrapping up the tons of information swirling round in my head. So, I’m just going to upload stories of my experience on camp. Hopefully, I’ll get a story out in a bit.
~ ~ ~ Nov 16th~ ~ ~
The noise,the weird and ludicrously brazen. Fine words,i must say. The first ones to pop into my head as my eyes and mind flicked open to my new reality…..CAMP…..sleeping in a bunk bed in a hall that was bigger than my mother’s cooking pot. It housed hundreds of other girls…..pardon….. Ladies.
Like every other first night I’ve spent in a new enviroment,sleeping tight was not high up on my expectation list. As it turned out,I had more than the first night tradition to contend with. Other interesting factors took a space on the chart.
I shall begin with the usual,even mundane. Keeping touch-lights flashing. This was accompanied by the gisting. No matter how hushed the talkers kept their tone,the coarse sounds of the whispers and giggles marred the prospects of dozing off.
There were of course,those who could sleep without a care,man I envied them… first. But then the snoring started,and the sentiment changed to annoying and borderline unfair.
My eyes were tired,i just had to sleep.
For a minute,it seemed like my prayers were been answered. But the sudden shrieking of a baby and the hushed voices of their mothers singing desperate lullabys hauled me back to sleeplessness. I thought nursing mothers had a seperate hall,why did she stay?
Finally i was able to sleep for almost two hours,no mean feat i must add. And as usual,was not much of rest as i dreamt the better part of it.
The content of the dream is a story for another day,but i clearly recall the last phrase, ‘it gets interesting’. That sent me drifting seamlessly back to reality. Then i heard it. It was weird. It was ludicrous. And rather brazen. It was moaning. Yes. MOANING. Rising from one of the bunks around me was the definite sound of a young woman softly moaning. She seemed to be getting more excited with every ticking second. I am not even going to question the right or wrong of masturbation. Or maybe she had a partner ( ;-( ). But for petes sake,not the right place at all. Not with hundreds of tired women trying hard to fall asleep. I tried to focus my sense of hearing,trying to locate the source…..but the bemused thoughts in my head would not let me. Soon enough, lights from different corners of the hall flashed,and sounds of astonishment and disapproval swept across the room. She stopped a minute or so after that,but by then,sleep had gone really far,not wanting her innocent ears to hear any evil. And so,I just got to typing. Next up is time with my Father and first love. And then to get ready for the first day of drills and parade. I had a great day,and an interesting night. Enjoy today y’all.

5 thoughts on “The Service Year

  1. Nice grammatical structures, great first experience and sweet story to tell. But i really wised you emphasised more on the masturbationg aspect of the story…lol


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