The Service Year iii. From First Impressions to Goodbye

I doubt that I will ever get that feeling of the perfect moment with the perfect thing to write about the service year. So, I’m just going to write.
The most common story of many Abian corps members is how they first thought the ‘AB’ on their call-up letter referred to the capital city of Abuja. Well, that isn’t my story. I actually did not check my state of posting until a friend of mine, DivaDara kept asking where I was posted to. I think my reaction to the information was more like ‘I did not know,and now I know’. I wasn’t more excited or enthused. I just knew I was going to Abia state. The truth is, I really did not mind where I would be posted to. . .well apart from the north. The prospect of going to a new place was all I needed to be upbeat. As much as I would have loved to be among totally new people, and taking care of myself. . .I had relatives here. Spent the year at my uncle’s. Nice. 🙂
Then there was the general impression of the Igbos being extra money and self-conscious that they could cheat you in almost anything. There was the Isi-alangwa story of cannibals. My reaction to these was and still is not one of believing or not believing them. To me, as much as there are traits peculiar to a people, I just don’t find myself relating with them based on those. There are always exceptions. More, there are always the good and the bad even within the same aggregate. But if I had been posted there, why!, careful cannot define how I would have been. 5pm won’t meet me outside my house. Tolerance doesn’t mean total trust o.
So, Abia kopa I was. Camp was fun as you’d see in the first two parts of my service year story. It’s amazing how much you can enjoy yourself and laugh so much when you choose to see things from the positive angle. That was my camp philosophy and ultimately my take on life from then on. It’s what made my year somewhat enjoyable inspite of all the odds against.
I do despise being outside of some plan, a working system, a purpose. My place of primary assignment totally threw me off. I went to work on the first day in a sweet coporate shirt and high heeled pumps, all bright and early, ready to sit at table to deliberate matters affecting the youths. . . .and I went back home after waiting for three hours and told that the DA would speak with us the next day. I guess I still nursed some hope that the coming days would be better. Well, they weren’t. Even the permanent staff hardly had much to do.
So, I quickly went out to get something else to do. Even though it did not turn out exactly as I wanted, I did have fun being in Vision Africa studio with Sam Ibeji, Edidiong Jonah and Vera Ebohon. Radio is fun. I especially enjoyed the seminar delivered by volunteer Proffesionals from ‘Sharing international’. These people go round the world installing Christian radio stations and training staff on radio proffesionalism. It’s an experience I’m so grateful I had.
Then there was my CDS group, ‘PUBLICITY~Image Makers’. Much love to all the members of that CDS and of course, the OBS. Thanks for making my time as ‘mama Faith’ less stressful 😉 . Most of my fun came from here. If I am grateful for the experience in OBS, I am most thankful for the people I met here. From Dotun, Peter and Adelanke to y’all Batch C corps members and the Batch A and B corps members.
I shan’t forget you fun and brilliant people.
And to those we came to Umuahia from camp together and were together till the end, words can’t tell how much I shall miss you. Olabisi,the multi-talented one. Sammy, serious one that knows how to rock! OgheneYomi, the engineer with a tender heart 😉 . Edidiong, my anchor always in search of a hug :-> . Jonathan, the music box with the dreamy voice. Mayowa, the physicist with dope lyrics :-* . With my Right and left auricles and ventricle, I say, I love you guys and I’m missing you already. I’m sure we’re going to meet again.
To all I met at Winners lodge, especially Tayo-my ♫ ♪ muse, Tobi, Kolawole, Wisdom, Koko and all batch C corps members, the best always.
Ok, that’s it. It’s still in here plenty but I guess this is what I can get out.
It’s been a good year. It’s going to be a better phase. Peace o.

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