I Feel Sleepy. Just Read.

These things always make me wonder. I can’t really say I know much except my own theories and from studying other people’s experiences. I can’t say I have a personal experience because, honestly, I really don’t. Yeah, that one, but barely, so.
But I have male friends that I’m quite close to and I know girls that have boyfriends. And the guys do help the girls. I don’t understand the ‘husband’ mentalities that now takes over once they are married. I mean, what’s wrong with me doing his laundry now and again. . . Scratch that. . . I think the chores should be shared at least before the children come and are grown. I see no problem doing his part if he is indisposed just as I see no reason why he can’t help me too. I’m cooking a late dinner, he’s setting the table and gisting with me. Is there anything astronomically wrong with that???
It does seem like men think marriage is an opportuinity to shelf certain responsibilities. This goes for the women that stop dressing nicely after marriage too. It’s supposed to be a sweet adventurous journey not a sour destination.
When bachelors grumble about not feeding well or coming home to indomie or cereal, the usual response from people is
”dude! Get a wife”.
So, sub-consciously, it is drummed into the gentlemen’s minds that a wife is needed for the purpose of taking over duties that he finds rather too tiring to perform. Maybe it should be so. Maybe a wife is meant to relieve you of certain worries. But how should that happen? Does that mean he just dumps on her whatever it is he feels like?
And the ladies. You are supposed to be in the kitchen while the boys watch football. Everytime a lady complains of money, the song she hears is
‘you are a woman jor. You will just marry a man. It’s we men that have to work’
And then men complain that girls think their boyfriends are minting houses!! Why not?! That is what the society tells them in every demeaning ‘bum bum’ and ‘chop my money’ song. That the guy should spend on her.
Hey! There’s a meeting point there. Men should just get what they want in a woman who cooks and cleans while the women should just get the man who spends on her, right?
The funny thing is, no one will be satisfied with that.
These days, the men will claim that they want a smart and intelligent wife. Someone that can hold her own and be presentable. Someone who can talk football, tennis, F1, business, politics and money. At the same time, she should dress and act like a siren, ‘hot’, in touch with fashion. Preferably, she should not make much demands but she should wear the sweetest cloths. The lady should be homely, know how to tend to the cleaning and cooking duties. He wants to wake up to breakfast. Maybe have lunch packed. Come back to a warm dinner (Maybe she’ll cook a chicken and mustn’t eat the gizzard). I know. I know. But you get the picture. A man wants the best of both worlds. . . Or three. Or four worlds. Kitchen~ Floors~ Boardroom~ Bedroom. He wants her wild . . . and shy, all the same person. Pick one dude! You can’t have it all! Haha!!
And women, ah! The man with the big bucks. But you forget he’s gotta work like crazy to get that. Yet you want him to help around the house, be sensitive after dealing with a crazy boss or deadline. Girl. Pick your roses,but you have to deal with the thorns too.
But unlike roses, you just can’t prune people to whatever shape you desire. Nah. You have to take the good with the bad.
Finding a balance is the thing I guess. Just be the best person you can be. Expect the best. And for real, be ready to forgive the worst.
Ok. That’s enough talk on what I’m not so versed about. I hope I did not just type 500 words for nothing though, there’s gotta be some sense somewhere, right?
Ok, if there was nothing there, take this.
The best we can do is try. We will fall, sometimes hurt the one we love but as far as I can tell, successful marriages aren’t based on just knowledge alone or true love alone. Both of these need to agree and work together. The purest brand of which can be found in Jesus. 🙂

3 thoughts on “I Feel Sleepy. Just Read.

  1. Execellente!!! Trust me am saying dt in both French n British accents!!!dts so so very correct..criusly hope ppl’l get 2 read ds n learn…wait a second! U sd u aint gat no xeperience!!! C’mon gurl u kulda fooled me!


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