Heaven! Dreams!

The streetlights were endlessly racing backwards and the wind swipped my face with chilly fingers. My hair was dancing to the rhythm of the wind and everything was in sync with the rock song the keke’s adjoined music-player was belching. I rested my head on the side of the ride and let the music and moment define my thoughts. We could go on for miles tearing through the night. I would love that. But the thought was trashed by the fear of how unsafe that adventure would be. I love the night,it holds less distractions. But the night’s darkness is also a cloak for evil. This fear would constantly jar me back to reality. Not cool.

So,my mind travelled to what heaven would be like. The bible says there’ll be no night. Would I miss the stars? Oh,the morning star will be there. I’m sure I’ll be ok. Music; all the time. I hope it will be in sections. I’ll be in the rock group most of the time. Singing, listening, worshipping. But can I imagine what stories and scenerios would fit the songs? Oh,I believe the songs will all be to adore God,no imagining that since we’ll all be living it.
And will we know ourselves? Relatives and friends from earth? Or will those memories all give way for our eternity there as one body,one family of Christ? But if we do know ourselves, one thing I’m sure of and happy for is that there will be no grieviances, anger, malice. We’d just be happy together. No jealousy. Just happy.

But will that also mean that there will be no one special person to love. . . Oh my! And I’m certain its all going to be handsome and nice guys there. Oh well, the feelings may not be there. And I think the bible does talk about no male or female? Whew! Ok.
Will there be books? I think there just might be. The bible,yes. But the stories in there are histories of people and events. I’m thinking our’s will be recorded too. And we’ll be so many,enough to read and never to be exhausted.

And it will be safe. No evil. No death.
For many, it sounds rid of excitement. No danger. But I believe that God will make us complete,never to worry or miss whatever it is we regard as excitement here.
These are just musings, random thoughts. I don’t just want to wonder. I am going to be there. Sticking on to Christ till the end. Its not always easy. Neither was His death. But it’s worth it. Amen

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