Truly Saying. . . . .

Is gratitude really a question of saying the words ‘Thank you’ over and over and over again? Or is it listing out all someone has ever done for you,no matter how little and telling them thank you for each and everyone? Or is gratitude the attitude of utilising and enjoying the things you have been given to the best of your abilities or using them well for the purpose they have been given?
I guess it’s a bit of all these and maybe more. Everyday I ask myself if I am truly a grateful person. To God. My family. To my friends. But then the truth of imperfection and human differences applies here too. No matter how grateful you think you are, there will be someone to tell you there’s a ‘way’ it is done.
Sometimes I think it is wise to study people and thank them as they would want. But you can’t be living life waiting to see a reaction from each and every person. Or how do you decide who is important or what gift is not as important?

Feels like I’ve been rambling on. Well, it’s just past 3am. I should be asleep.
The thing is, I am grateful for 2012. This year, I felt like I was walking on both ends. . . . Or on two parallel lines at the same time.
I can say this was my happiest year so far. But it did seem that the higher my heart soared, there was a corresponding depth of something sticky and not sweet. I wouldn’t say sadness per say, but it bore a semblance.
Somehow, in every match these two ends played, the mire of the sticky not sweet always got relegated. Now I’m thinking, maybe the more one side wins, the more it grows up. And the deeper the other side plunges, giving more reason for the happy side to shoot up.
This might not make the most sense when I wake up and read it again with clear eyes. But I’m sure I’ll like it. I’ll take it as living in the moment. ๐Ÿ˜€
So I am grateful to God that in everything and every battle, happiness won the best and infact all of me. I am so grateful that I chose to see the lighter side of things.
Somehow, most of my little choices between sadness and joy came from the thought of how it would matter if I did just slump into the ‘other side’ or get so intrigued and drawn to the white light.Another story,this one. This funny drain. If the world ends now, well ok. So what? I believe that feeling will change though. Soon.
This year, I felt so in touch and at the same time, maybe a little unmotivated. Maybe the gap between feelings and reason.
I also felt the closest I’ve ever felt to God and at the same time, the farthest.
It was at the time I was holding on to 1st Corinthians 10:12 that I seemed slipped the farthest. Maybe to really teach me the essence of the verse. The truth is, it taught me the power in God’s grace and how my standing is not of my own strength. Even more, it was a big lesson in not being judgemental. Even of characters in a story. If you’ve never been there, you just can’t know.

I am so thankful for my family. God, you know this. I am. We’ll talk more about this,just the two of us.
I am thankful for some slips and mistakes and all that they taught. I hope to show my gratitude to them by never doing any of them again. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am so grateful for the friends I made this year especially during the service year. I had fun with you guys. I learnt a lot. And I did new things. Very new things. I did have a couple of firsts. Thanks.

The old is gold, right? All my friends from way back and for right now, you are so awesome. I appreciate how a call from you guys would change my skewed or short-sighted perspective. Thanks for your support and encouragement. Yes. I know. I have not done even a bit of what I am capable of. It is a promise to myself and God that I will be more action oriented. Thanks for your push. I’ll always hear your voices.

Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. To all who have been visiting and reading this blog. Truly appreciate. I enjoy the feel of checking my stats and smiling to myself. Yes,it could be more but I am grateful for this. I do hope these posts do something good for you.

There’s a whole lot planned for next year. And they will be executed on the altar of meaningful success. And even though I am forcing myself to admit it, I do feel an ember of excitement.
I am fanning it to a furnace of motivation. Whoo. Let’s go 2013.

My gratitude to you dearest God is boundless. I am thankful for Jesus, for salvation. I am thankful for all that you’ve given me, all that you’ve taught me and the lessons ahead. Thank you for patience. Thank you for love,for myself and others. Thank you because you’ll continue to help me grow in love.

19hours or so left in 2012. Enjoy every second of it. Let God reign in them. Bless You.

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