The change is consciously made or nonexistent

As each year enters injury time and draws to a close, I am usually not one of those cheering on the sidelines and calling out for new year resolutions.
I mean, how many people actually see a resolution through the first day, much less till it becomes a habit?
Even more, why wait till the year is over before making a change that you have decided is necessary?
Maybe it is the idea of structure. We are human. We love it.
There is that feeling that if we make demands of ourselves in the euphoria of making it into another year, we just might be faithful in keeping them. Unfortunately, the zeal and zest we feel as we make them gets flushed along with all the meat and wine we overdose on within that last week of the year.
This is not to say that you should not make strategic decisions on necessary changes you need to make on yourself. It just means that it is time to stand up and stretch out to reach the tall bar that you are setting for yourself.
If the change needs to be made to add value, then do it. And start is now. And yes, it is the start of the new year, you do have an already structured measuring stick.
One big question is, ‘If you don’t make that change, how much will you like yourself, your life in January 2014?”

As for me, I did weigh how my 2012 went. It was good. I already put details in my last post. This post is about 2013.

OTDamilola today is an offspring of all OTDamilola has been in the past years. There are many shades of me that I am so proud of and happy about. But we humans usually come in shades of grey. No perfect black. No perfect white. I can be better.
There are areas I wish I could change with the flip of a switch. But things don’t just happen that way. It takes flipping that switch every morning, adjusting the brightness of the bulb when needed, taking advantage of the light it gives to sweep your house better and changing the bulb if it blows up or just loses its power to light up.
Plenty work I say. But that is what makes the difference between the old me and the new me. Whole-hearted work.

In my life, I really want to be happier in these areas~ my relationship with God, my financial discipline and putting my intentions to actions.
Of course, it is easy to reel off these items. The big deal is how to make them become in sync with my waking up and breathing.
So, I have devised a plan. The first step being prayer and deciding to trust completely in God to make them work.
Then, I picked up a pen and wrote down these decisions, breaking them into action bits.
Before that, I had gone online to get information on reading and budgetting plans. I read a couple of them and picked out areas that I could relate with, areas that will be helpful. Then I drew out my plans from these.
As for me and God, we need to talk more. In prayers. And He’s always ready. Anytime. Anywhere. I also need to know more about what he likes and desires of me. You see, He knows me through and through. How can we have a happy relationship if I don’t make an effort to know what pleases Him? So, I’ll study my bible, think about Him all the time and talk about Him with others~ both those that are already His friends and those He wants to befriend.

As far as finance is concerned, the trick is, a budget doesn’t matter if there’s no follow through. Duh!

Intention is an empty stage without the lustre of action. The first intention I intend to ride hard is that of writing daily. This blog has to take a post not less than 700 words EVERYDAY from today. I’ve gotten daily prompts especially for days I need a spark. My fingers are ready.
There is this idea. I do have some. But this particular one is flaring up inside. It’s got a lot to do with beads. Bead art to be more specific. The plan is in motion. Slow now but gathering momentum. Prepare to get your eyes drunk with these amazing beauties. There is so much that it is about. I am so excited about it! If you do know anyone that is a creative nerd with beads, please hook me up!!

Of course, family and friends. Those calls I always ‘intend’ to make; the planned little poem or text to tell you how special you are; that book I saw that was so you; I will pray for you and try to listen better and then do.
Good friends are hard to come by and every family is important, but mine is special. Good deeds towards these people should start with thoughts but make that journey to an act.
Not much on my plate, right? Let’s kick!

If you, like me, have drawn up your plans to be a better you, I wish you the best of luck. Be not decieved, there will be days you want to spray water on the bulb and blow it up yourself. I have decided to take it a day at a time. I go to sleep each day renewing my decisions and wake up the next working and living them. Afterall, it is a NEW day.

The first thing sure is, to know what needs to be changed and make that decision. We want to be better. There’s always room for that.
God is your muscle.

So what changes are you making as we journey 2013 together?

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