Per Second Living

You know how there are simple 3-month plans or 6-month plans to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. I’m wondering about ‘HOLINESS’. Can there be any such plan to keep yourself in line?
I mean, it’s not a project you take on to perfect in a couple of months or any set length of time.
You really can’t wake up one morning and then, when you are pinched severally by a tempting thought, you say, ”I’ve been faithful to God for 2months straight. Let me just kick back and get a quick load of this sin”.
Even if you know it could make you feel like crap later, you get yourself convinced that grace won’t leave you hanging. Everybody falls. I’m human. Moreover, no one has to know. No one is getting hurt; well, except God. And He’ll get over it,right?

When I hear testimonies of people that have been in the faith for years, it makes me wonder how they did it or how they do it.
Grace is available. But sometimes, you just wonder.
When the temptations come hard at you, you wonder if you are the only one that thinks that you might just fall for them.
It is easy to think of how long you’ve kept clean. Sometimes, this thought does make you strong enough to trudge on, to know that you can go on. But other times, if it doesn’t make you feel you need a ‘break’, it could lead to pride.

Truth is, no one knows how it is possible. I mean, I’m thinking of how to be faithful and holy for all time when I have no idea how long ‘time’ really is.
People made plans for the new year but are no longer sharing in the oxygen we all breathe. They were not old or frail. They were not bad people {at least some}. They were not tired of sniffing in all the zillions of germs that science has told us dwell in the air. They just aren’t here anymore. So, really, we are only sure of today. And not even the whole of it.
It is like waking up on your birthday morning and whoop! another year gone.
The years just keep piling up. But we don’t really live by the years. We live by the day. Infact by the second.
It is so with staying holy, I think. There’s really no holiness meter. And if there is, you can’t measure how high you’ll be on it by the end of the week.
You know of today. Stay clean today.
Throw the trash out today.
You wake up in the morning and feel a grain of sand scratching your mind, sweep it out immediately.
It is by grace. For by strength shall no one prevail. And to make it easy, grace and mercy is refreshed daily. No old coffee seeds in the percolator. Jesus said to ask for our ‘DAILY’ bread. It is fresh, full everyday. And always just the flavor you need for that day.
Live the day holy. Soon enough, they will pile up to months lived holy. And soon you’ll look back and wonder how it happened. It is all God.
Understand that it is God that initiates your relationship with Him, He is the one that maintains it and He is the one that completes it.

Some Verses. . .
1 Corinthians 10 : 12
Psalm 69 : 5.
Psalm 71 : 15.
Romans 9 : 16.
Romans 12 : 2.
And a personal favourite. . . Romans 8 :38-39.
Unrelenting Love.

Keep keeping up with the word
Keep keeping up with the word

5 thoughts on “Per Second Living

  1. My thoughts exactly. If we look at twenty years from now or ten years from now it appears daunting. It is a daily walk. This moment. This circumstance. This temptation. Little steps.

    God bless you.


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