Checklist of The Perfectionist.

Just a few things to take note of on the journey to perfection.
These are in no particular order.
Here goes…

*Always aim to be perfect at every thing you do. And it does not matter that your standards for perfection are near impossible, you just have to hit the bulls eye all the time. It does not matter how tiny or how high it is. You have to get it right, always.

*You must never make a mistake. It is a crazy world with people who hold a scorecard to take note of every mistake you make. They will always think of that mistake everytime they see or think of you. The world will throw it in your face when next you gather up the courage to make another attempt.
Never mind those people who claim to learn from mistakes. If they made stellar plans and followed it through, all would have been well.

*If you do make a mistake, well, you just can’t forgive yourself easily, if ever. You should berate yourself because you know you are so much better than failing. You should beat down on yourself until you are knackered and thrown into a state of depressing sadness. It is just best not to make a mistake.

*Before you take on a project, you must scrutinize it thoroughly. Be very certain that you will get it right at first trial.
Forget that talk that Rome was not built in a day. That’s just talk for unambituous folks.
Don’t worry about the fact that no one can really tell the future. Forget about the people that start a project or a job and get better at it. If you are not awesome now, you could be in trouble. It is all or nothing.

*If you do begin a project, you have to fixate on it. You must bring it to a perfect conclusion before you begin another.
People might tell you it is the best work they have ever seen. And maybe it is but you know that you have seen better, in your mind.

*If you are working with a team, never compromise your standards. You should not care if everyone else gets ulcer and chipped nails. The job has to be perfect. You could listen to their suggestions as a team player but what you produce must be perfect. And that means it has to be to your specification.
No one else is smart but you.

*You should also hate to do what anybody else is already doing. Everybody is going into music, you do have an amazing voice but you should not join the bandwagon. Everybody has a blog, do not start one. Find something fresh to do.
Forget the fact that everything that happens stems off something else.

*Punctuality and time consciousness, top points. Everything has to be timed. You are no fan of procrastination. But each and every one of your projects must be done to perfection. If you don’t get what you want out of project A today, you have to do it tomorow. Project B and C that was to be done tomorow will have to wait. This project must be impeccable.

*If you see a finished work in your line that is beautiful, like a good book or high sales count, just believe that the creator of that work is better than you. Maybe not as creative but he works harder and pays more attention to details. You just have to beat him.
Just ignore the stories of how many times he tried and failed.

*If you are a christian, you have to know that you are the only one that faces temptation and falls for them. Every other christian is better than you are. They know how to let go and let God. Or maybe they are just using grace as a crutch all the time.
You just have to be stronger. You should read your bible more and cram more verses.

*You should have it together all the time. Can’t have your friends thinking you have a problem or a flaw. See, you can’t trust them not to use it against you. You mustn’t trust anyone. Moreover, they need you to be perfect so you can tell them what is wrong in their lives.

*Before you arrange your room or do the dishes, you need a plan. You have to know where everything goes. It should be perfectly arranged in your head first. Spoons, cups, plates, pans. . . God help the person that brings a dirty spoon when you are washing plates.
Of course, you have to finish other projects before you get on with that. So for now, let no one into your room.

*If you are on a good project and you are almost through and you lose it all, best believe that it could have been your best project. You won’t produce a better one.

*You must keep up your perfect life because your parents and loved ones won’t give you a thumbs up without it. You know those times you don’t get retweets and replies, it is because your tweets are not good enough.

*Before you get into a relationship, you have to be extremely happy with your career and finance. You must have everything planned out. Never mind that you can grow with whoever your partner is.

¤~ ¤~ ¤~
We all have shortcomings to work on, but we should not become neurotic in an attempt to be rid of them.
Pursue excellence and getting better not trying hard to be perfect.
‘There are two kinds of perfect; the one you can never achieve and the other, by just being yourself’~ Lauren KingAttitude

5 thoughts on “Checklist of The Perfectionist.

  1. Nyc 1…. D perfectionist takes matters to the extreme! Gud stuff yu have here… Not d entire list or areas of a perfectionist….guess dats y yu not 1 …


  2. You seem to be of the view that perfectionism is a negative personality. Is it wrong to have personal standards that produce efficient result??? Well,i believe there are also contraries to the points you have given. Lets see them in your next piece please. Naa den i go cee your objectivity o cuz yo dey partial like dis ehn.


  3. Pursue excellence and never do anything below standard. Just don’t turn neurotic in the process. Just realise that you cannot control everything. Or everyone.
    And even in the words of a perfectionist when asked why he deals with headaches and stress instead of just letting go of the pursuit of perfection, ”Well, nobody is perfect”.


  4. Hahahah.. To me, this is the height of sarcasm.. Cos these stuffs will neva work in real life. Pls dnt try these at home.. U will crash.. For sure


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