Some Things That Death Makes Us Think

One accolade we cannot refute death is its unwavering ability to inspire sober reflection and make men wax philosophical.
The futility of life’s struggles is again brought to bare.
The words of Solomon becomes a rhyme in the hearts of folks……………vanity upon vanity,all vanity.
The grudges we hold dear, the secrets we jealously guard, the feelings we never share, the thoughts and ideas we never implement,the prayers we never say, the God we know and claim to love but never live for……………every good reason we’ve ever come up with for holding onto such ideas suddenly turns pointless. Unfortunately,it usually ends with these realizations.
No action follows to see that a change begins for a better attitude to the life we are living.
The angry son does not pick up the phone to speak to his father.
The faithful wife does not forgive her husband for falsely accusing her.
The girl in love never says a word for fear it would make her seem less powerful.
One of my favorite songs is still ‘MAD’ by NE-YO. The song and the video brings to light how light the grudges and secrets we carry around like an albatross really is.
In that moment of ‘revelation’,we suddenly realise that these things may not count as anything if our last breathe were let out without warning.
We reason ‘if’, just ‘if’ you could just take that step of faith and do what is to be done, all that you worry may just fade away, we may just be happy.
But instead we let our fears rule and we live the rest of our lives [which most likely would be long] scathed by deep gashes of regret.
As long as our blood flows,there will always be problems; but skilled sailors glide smoothly even on troubled waters.
So why wait for a knock from death before trying to put the pieces right?
Death is always sudden. Even for someone on life support, a nano-second is always the demarcator between life and the great beyond.
It is the shock of who death smiles on and decides to foster that squeezes gallons of air through our lungs.
Waking up to the news of death is most definitely not on anyones bucket list. But that was it. I turned in early last night, so I was ‘laughing’ with shock when I made the rounds on social media this morning and the updates all spoke about and confirmed the news of Goldie Harvey’s death.
Crazy thing death is. And shock too.

*I may not like her style per se, but she was a young person doing what she loved.
Living her ideas. Breathing her dreams.
She definitely had plans for the future.
She had life and a desire to live it well.
We always say it is funny how a visit from death makes people acknowledge a person more and show more love. But I dare say that Goldie was one of those that had her good share of acknowledgement. Death is just a final hoorah.
Would yours be?*

Of course I asked the usual questions and my brain played back the usual and ‘proper’ messages.
”What is life anyway?”
”What are we chasing afterall”
”We only live once, so we must live it right”
”Live right. .or you mean live for God?”
”I hope this person knew God for God”
It’s always a rollercoaster, tumbling thoughts and general wonderings.
I think of truly amazing people that have passed on without truly knowing Christ.
In agnostic style I ask, ”If heaven is true and the only criteria is Jesus, what about the good people who won’t accept Christ?”
I wish I had answers outside what the bible said just to conjure a sense of comfort for the lot of us that want to have it both ways. But that would be falsification on a grand scale.
I wonder about myself, my family, my friends.
I pray to God to put us on the right path.
I thank God for grace that makes the walk with Him easier.
I pray that we would not be too hardworking, too slow, too smart or too proud to accept that grace.
As clichéd as this may sound, ”Tomorow really might be too late”.
What are your seconds counting?

”It is no doubt dramatic to find peace on your deathbed, but why wait to savour a minute when you can have it for years? Make that move today”

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