Breaking The Ice

It was definitely his heart beating his chest like an african leather drum. One shaky finger swiped cold droplets off a brow as he struggled to keep his guttural voice from bumping so hard against his throat.
His stomach churned and his chest heaved with a fine mix of nervousness and joy.
He had not prepared for this. True, he had spent many nights rehearsing what he would say if he ever got a chance to be alone with her. Yet as her hand brushed his now and again as they trudged on this wet night, he felt as if Dumbledores wand had worked its magic.
The sound of her laughter squeezing through her chattering teeth made him want to hold her. The thought of holding her induced a release of a thousand goose bumps and he was grateful for the rain as a lame excuse.
She let out a yelp and leaned on him as she stepped in a muddy pool of water. He held her and felt his pulse tumbling.
”What was wrong with him?”
He felt like one of those guys in a movie that he’d call a learner.
The rain had gifted him with the right ambience.
Her cold skin was a perfect alibi. The starless night was a perfect cloak. And here they were, ten or so minutes from her door and he was stupidly throwing a grand opportunity away.
What was the worst that could happen?
If he made a move, kissed her and her eyes grew wide and fluttered till they were shut in the moment, it could be the start of something good.
And if in an calamitous turn of event, her eyeballs threatened to pop out and her lips grew stiff with stern declension, well, he could blame his actions on the weather.
A big part of him told him it would be alright.
Even though he doubted it, virtually everyone of their friends said in both words and looks that she was smitten with him.
Her cool and sarcastic mien around him just kept him at bay.
She wasn’t really different around other guys, or was she?
”Oh,darn it”, he swore in his head. He might as well be in the dreaded friend zone.
Shoot it!! He was walking her home under the rain, from a party where he was certain that she had flirted with a few good looking fellas. His rumbling stomach bounced back his sinking heart.
Yep! He was definitely the mayor of the zone.
She held his arm again to steady herself. He decided she left her hand on him a little longer than necessary.
Maybe, just maybe, her conviviality with everyone was just a facade, a veil he had to penetrate.
He had to break down or tear through whatever that wall was made of and get out of that zone reserved for miserable men with tongues stuck on their palletes and gums sown together with the words they never say.
He knew he had to kiss her.
There was no other way to break that wall. At least, none he could think of.
At times like this, those stupid movie lines and winning moves just never burped up to salvage a sour moment.

She jangled her keys trying to pick out the one that opened her gate. The rattling sound made his hair stand on end, and he did take a second to worry about his blood pressure.
What was it that Hitch said about a woman and her keys?
It probably would not matter because she was already reeling out words of appreciation.
His face wrinkled with his most benevolent smile while he silently raged inside.
He did not care for gratitude! He wanted her.
He walked her to her door and she slotted her key into the keyhole. He watched every turn it made with a sorry demeanor.
There may be other days. May. He wasn’t sure he wanted to balance his chances on may.
She took off his jacket he had given her to ward off the cold and gave it back to him.
Now. Just do it now. He felt the words ramming into his head.
He dug his teeth into his lips as if to punish them for staying sealed.
She gave her hair one last squeeze, and was about making her way into the house when she suddenly turned and gave him a hug.
He wasn’t about to make it into the book of world records for idiotic moments. It was now or he’d just crush his fingers when he made it back home.
He wrapped his hand still holding the jacket around her shoulders and lifted her chin with the second.
He didn’t want to rush, but he also did not want to lose the moment. Somehow he found her lips with his and kissed her as gently as his pounding heart could let him.
And she hugged him a little tighter.

* * * *

Happy Birthday to Mayowa Jake Adebanjo. God bless you wholly and lift your legs for every step that you take.

Idea for this came from a few words he scribbled down some where, some time. 🙂 . What I had in mind for it had a little bit more Icicles and cynical and even sinister ring to it. Hehehehe. But I hope this is cool too and you reading this enjoyed it.

And Mayowa has a blog too. You music lovers, especially rap lovers, can check out

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