Achilles Choice Vs The Survival Mentality

If you stay in Larissa, you will find peace. You will find a wonderful woman, and you will have sons and daughters, who will have children. And they’ll all love you and remember your name. But when your children are dead and their children after them, your name will be lost. If you go to Troy, glory will be yours.
They will write stories about your victories for thousands of years and the world will honor your name. But if you do go to Troy, you will never come back, for your glory walks hand in hand with your doom.
That was Thetis the nymph to her son, Achilles. He had two distinct options. And like every choice in life, had some form of downside.
And we all know what he chose, because thousands of years have gone into the archives yet the name, stories, rage and victories of Achilles still live on, from the belauds of poets and panegyrists to the clicks on an history link on google.

Everyday, we are faced with choices, some of which will determine the paths our lives will take and the roles we play in the big picture of existence.
From the ostensibly straightforward choice between good and bad to the more complicated decisions between two evenly-balanced options.
What indices and factors come into play? Is it the quest for glory and success or the deep yearning for safety?
Do you worry about whipping up jealousy in the hearts of people? How will your siblings and distant relatives take your success?
It may not be a situation confined to Africa, but this is where I live, and I know that it is a predominant attribute of our people. The art of playing it safe. Keeping your success a secret.
No doubt, with the reality on ground, it will seem foolhardy to go round announcing your success for fear that your name will be mentioned in the belly of earth or air cloaked with the dark of night.
It happens and I don’t argue with this fact. And you can try to deny it but it is an unfortunate part of our existence that there are some people who would rather string the clouds to earth just to make sure you fail than work to get themselves to the top.
I’ve heard loads of these stories. Not everyone is nice.
And so, it is the norm here to try to hide things for as long as possible.
Your child gets admitted into a great school and you try to hide it from everybody. You lie.
Your husband gets sick and you don’t want anybody to know about it for fear that they might take his weakness as an opportunity to ‘finish him’.
I have to mention the recent occurences in the country that rings a close bell with this. The case of the first lady and some governors that went ‘AWOL’ on their citizens. I can’t say categorically what they were afraid of and I do know that these things can be relative but why try to hide an elephant under a rug?
You would see a woman already bulging out trying to cover up the fact that she’s pregnant.

But like a pregnancy, there is a limit to how long and how well you can hide things and try to feel safe in your secret cocoon.
What kind of growth and development do you hide? Is that really success?
You don’t have to blab about all you are doing but at the same time, why lose a wink of sleep trying to hide it? Worry leads to health complications, I hope you know?
I remember a story of a man that never took his children to visit the village. {sound familiar?}
Well, he was deathly afraid that his mother, his own birth mother who was a witch {apparently} would do something to harm them. A day came that he went to visit alone as usual, and after spinning a tale about why the family couldn’t come with him, mama took him into her bedroom. There she dragged an earthen pot filled with water out from under her bed. After a few incantations, the man’s eyes trippled in size as he saw his children playing in his living room back in the city.
Mama then smiled at him and told him that if she intended to hurt his children, it really wouldn’t be a question of her seeing them.
Sure he went back to the city with his heart erratically dancing to a tune of ‘lobatan’.
So, tell me, how do you want to hide your success?
Or you would rather stay at their level or even beneath just to stay ‘safe’?
In life, we have to own the risk as well as the reward. And in the end, death is a certainty for all. The child that lives for a minute and the woman that dies at 90, for both, life is still fleeting. Why not live the life to its fullness whilst you have it.
What’s more, if you are a christian, sure of your God and living in His will, don’t you think He will protect what He has commissioned?
Don’t let the fear of dieing keep you from living.
If you have a chance to touch thousands and millions of lives, why choose to remain ‘safe’ and deny others of their blessings?
Let us get up and start living. Who does not like to see that will have to just watch in agony or if lucky, go blind.
Do you want to survive until you die {still} or like Achilles, do you w

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