Saturdays and Sundays are the round-the-clock days in my family. From doing morning chores on saturday to preparing for a new week on sunday evening, there is so little time to squeeze out.
We woke up early this morning and I had a plan. After prayers, I would set the breakfast on the cooker and take a few minutes to nap. A wish.
A big dream. The day has begun again.
And by the time the morning chores are done and those going to school have left, you realise that anytime taken to rest would be eat a chunk out of productive hours and that equals an invitation to disappointment and procrastination as unfinished works pile up and send your heart racing as you struggle to finish up.
And dear God, I’ve got loads on my plate this week. Some as a result of procrastinating. So. . .

I remembered this piece I wrote in 2010. It started as a reply to Xavier Ighorodje’s good morning message. You have to speak with him just once to understand this. Dude has that creative hat sewn to his head with that lightbulb permanently screwed on. Inspires me like crazy.
Here’s the post. . .
The stem said to the rose, ‘rise and blossom’. The rose peeped through droopy lids and let out a sleepy yawn. She cringed at the touch of the cold dawn on her petals and moaned drowsily,’the sun is not yet up’. Lazily,she curled into her blanket. But the few minutes of sleep she yearned for was not to be,for her neighbour was an early riser,and noisy without a care. The songs of the humming was not unusually loud. The rose knew it well but this dawn,it was an assault to her fantasy sleep. She tossled uneasily within her covers and wished the birds would sing a lullaby and not a highstrung jig. The singing haunted her………………..the only lyrics her brain could conjur spoke of her laziness. Wearily,she turned and opened her petals. The sun was still shadows away but she might as well take a wash in the drizzling dews……………….another day had set in. She knew her look was not quite welcoming but with the rising of the sun,she knew of only one choice she’d make……………..~smile and blossom~. Afterall,she was what she was………………………’a Sweet Rose’.

If you are still in bed, time to get up and get going. There’s lots to do. Make a plan and get it done.
I must sing my heartfelt warm thanks to all who have kept tabs on this blog especially those following the series on Rape and Sexual Abuse. I also say ‘sorry’ for whetting your appetite and keeping you waiting for the main courses and desert. I assure you that the stories and articles are ready. They are just going through a little fine tuning process. This evening, the next part of ‘The Grey Area’ will be up. This part has a little bit of me but the bulk and core comes from Dr Phebe Oriariewo.
After this, a new story or article will come up every other day. Lots to enjoy and more importantly, learn from.
I have the honor of having some amazing thinkers and writers grace my blog on this series.
I’ve got Ann Esievoadje, Abimfoluwa Olaleye, Fehintola Bisola, Ishioma Ineh, Kemi Akinjare and I shall leave the list open ended. There is so much to tackle about this scourge and any brilliant take on it will always be welcome.
Enjoy a bright week.

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