Life always begins

What is your favourite song? Your favourite story? Does it have an end? I always like to think that it doesn’t. After the last note, after the full stop, I like to think that the story continues. I like to imagine that it goes on and on. . .
By nature, we desire to see what the end looks like. We want to believe that there is a conclusion, an end to things that we do not find appealing. And sometimes it is a deathly fear that the things we cherish will somehow vanish.
As far as the breath of life goes in and out of you, there are no endings, only beginings.
Where one thing quits being an intricate part of us, another begins. And there are some things that always remain, sometimes in their faintest form, but they could truly matter again.
There will ever be villians and heros. Helpers and haters. There will be little victories along the way. There will be moments you beg that your life be over.
There will be big moments that you never want to let go off.
Continum. That is what ever after is. Until death, there is really no point to pin as an end.
It really is a day at a time. Breathe, wake up, breathe in and enjoy each day. Enjoy not knowing. Enjoy making choices. Enjoy using your imagination. Enjoy every new begining. Because as far as there is life, your ever after exist. You choose the adverb that precedes it.

P.S, Life also refers to heaven. And that one has its own prefix. . . Joyfully.

Still on the topic of sexual abuse, ”Kids At Play” comes up tonight.

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