Just a thought

The idea of placing someone on a lofty pedestal is not something I find appealing. We are all humans and regardless of our gifts, talents, position or achievements, we still posess an inate ability to flounder and make a mistake.
Putting someone on a pedestal is unfair to the person you are objectifying and dangerous for your own state of mind and self-esteem. What will your reaction be when the person makes a mistake you had decided they were above making?

But in munching on this, I started to wonder about the state of mind of the person being made to walk on eggshell. Is it merely a case of low self regard that the person cannot handle praise and adoration?
I guess the thought I am pondering is a question,
”Are you truly being placed on a pedestal or you just think too little of yourself?”
The answer may be different for each person. But I think that if you recognize who you are and stick with you, and you also let others be themselves and not an object of your fantasy, the world might just be a happier place.


Later today, still on sexual abuse, a true story. I would need the doctor’s opinion on this, especially those specialized in psychology.
Thank you for hanging out with me a few minutes everyday. Thank you for living your life purposefully everyday. Keep it up.

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