Handing Out Weapons To Make The Wrong Choices

“I understand your concern, but the kids are going to have sex anyway. We have to teach them how to keep from getting deadly diseases. I, personally, don’t want to have to bury my son because of AIDS.”

I wholeheartedly agree. But the best way to prevent that is to teach them to control themselves.
A few months ago, someone told me that the best we can hope for is to raise our children to adulthood without pregnancy or disease. But for the last few weeks, I’ve been watching another parent fighting for the life of her child-a child that did have a disease. But that child had such character, even when we thought he might die. Character that his mother instilled in him, not from teaching him a list of dos and don’ts, and not from giving him tools that enable him to make bad choices.
She taught him character by giving him a value system that never changes.
When that little boy grows up, he probably won’t ask what’s wrong with sex before marriage as far as nobody gets hurt. He’ll already know that everybody involved is hurt by pre-marital sex, because he’ll know where his values come from.
Watching my friend has shown me that we can teach our children better. We can expect more from them. We can demand more from ourselves. If we want to do the best for our children, we can give them a firm base of values that come from someplace specific, someplace like the bible, instead of passing out condoms or showing tintillating videos. We can show them how a moral life works, instead of giving them the means to ruin their lives.

”You think they’ll stop having sex because we tell them to? We have to arm them.”

It’s interesting that you would use a metaphor involving weapons, what with all the recent school shootings. You don’t give a violent kid a gun and think it’ll deter him from shooting it, and you don’t give a hormonal teenager a condom and think that’s going to somehow keep him from having sex.

~~Excerpt from Seasons Under Heaven by Beverly Lahaye and Terri Blackstock.


From my point of view, handing out condoms to teens and young adults is like having a child that wants to run in front of a moving truck and padding them up nicely so that it would hurt less.
It isn’t just about sex and what we demand of our teenagers and young adults concerning it. It is about every aspect of our lives. Every aspect that sums up the value of life. From self-esteem issues to education and career choices.
Parents have to teach kids against taking the ‘easy way out’.
Do you just flip the channel to Cartoon Network or pass out candies when they start screaming for attention? Or do you let them know that they can’t manipulate you? That they can be happy children not always putting up a sob fest or pity me face.
Do you child-proof a knife and hand it to them to keep them calm or you teach them why knives are dangerous and to be avoided?
It can be tough, considering that you have to make money to provide for these kids. But you have to decide what is more important. Do you want to raise kids that can make it through quicksand without getting dirt in their eyes or you want to teach and give them the tools to build a bridge and walk over?

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