In My Sane Mind

Rapere: (latin) to steal, seize or carry away.


I am. I choose to be.
I am a brother, a father, a friend. I am the dutiful neighbor who is never in too much of a hurry to take a second to ask how your family is fairing. I am your everyday grocer; I think positive and eat healthy. I am your quintessential Joe.
But behind this well primed façade hides my dark little secret.

I am a rapist.
I’ll explain. You may not be able to grasp the essence of what I am saying but I’ll explain all the same.
I grew up in a big house with two loving parents. We lived in a decent neighborhood and I received a proper education; the expensive kind.
I had siblings, both younger and older ones and I had friends.
I had virtually all I needed growing up even though I didn’t quite fit the spoilt child profile. Suffice it to say that I had a near picture perfect childhood.
Following my story so far? All right then, so where was I? Ah yes…perfect childhood. I had dreams, so like all kids, I went to school. I survived the rigours of spending seven hours listening to teachers that all my classmates made fun of. I made the grades that made my parents happy.
Getting into the university was no problem. Back then, JAMB was all there was to scale. And I did.
You may be wondering what went wrong with me. You may be thinking that something astronomical happened and tipped the chemical balance in my head. But nothing of that sort happened. I am certain. My brain is screwed on just as right as the fellow that shares your office.
It’s just the women, cavorting about as though the world belonged to them, never ever bothering to stop, even for a minute; stop to say hello, share a smile, take in the moment, let down their hair and feel the breeze. But no! They are always in a hurry as though the earth would suddenly stop revolving if they did. It’s the women, it’s them. And they are everywhere! I see them at the market, I see them at work, I see them…..everywhere! This wasn’t right. There was something primally not right with them, like they didn’t belong here, at least not like this, and I was determined to show them that, that they could be free of this thing that wasn’t right. And I knew how.
The first time I enlightened a woman was during my first year at the university. I feel sad for all the girls in my secondary school that I left in the dark. I knew it was time.
Her name was Shola, she was a friend. As a matter of fact I still considered her a friend even though our social circles later drifted apart, inexplicably. Shola was pretty as she was smart. She talked sports, drank beer and had an opinion; on politics, cars, the weather, you name it. I guess you can say that Shola was one of ‘the guys’ but she wasn’t. She was just a girl and she had to be convinced as to that fact. I raped shola and I did it for the common good.
Telema was next and like shola, she too had to be heard. She was my girlfriend at the time and I loved her. I loved her very much but she surely had to be put in her place, the right place. I did what I had to do and even though I never got a ‘thank you”, I believe she was grateful. She left school shortly after that. I had no idea she had such plans and I was glad I gave her a deserved parting gift.
Abby and Jessie were two silly girls that I didn’t really care about but I still did them a favor anyway. By the end of my four year degree program, I’d lost count of the number of girls I’d ‘corrected’. I know they appreciated it because they guarded their freedom jealously and told no one.
A few years after graduation, I met Shola again. She was my first and always had a special place in my heart. We talked. She said that she had forgiven me. She did have a heart of gold that one. Although I wasn’t sure what crime I had committed, I accepted it.
We grew close.
We got married and that was six years ago. We are still married and have got two beautiful kids of our own.
What happened to me, you might ask. Nothing! Did I ever rape any woman after I married Shola?
Did I ever rape shola after I married her? Yes!
Do I still rape women? Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!
The way I see it I am a guardian, protecting women from themselves. Protecting women from a self destructive fate that they are too short sighted to see. I am a warrior, doing what needs to be done and if I have to be branded a rapist, then so be it
There are lots of women in the world, women that need saving and as long as they are out there, so will I because I am; I choose to be the one that steals, seizes and carries away the burden these women carry without even knowing.
I do this for the common good. For you!
So sue me!!
Call me a Rapist!
I am. I choose to be. Or as I truly see it, I was chosen!

~~~~ The Words of a Sane Man.

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