The A-B-Cee of Christianity

The only words I can add to this is, read it and take that action that applies to you!!!!

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Hello world!, this would be the first time of me writing anything, yea i did write the occasional essays, letters and short stories back in secondary school (* probably because it was compulsory *).

I, the author of this post, like I said before, has never written anything this major before, I’ve never had any reason to think that status would change, until now. Now the occasion calls for it, writing on this platform is a great way to pass messages across, seeing that almost everyone is now internet savvy (*SAVVY: always wanted to use that word*). Oh and also, i’m sure you have noticed the words between the aster-ix  those are just stuffs that goes on in my head while I write, we computer programmers call them comments. I figured it would make you the reader understand better the points I try to make.

OK ( is it OK…

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