Recycling Your Thrash?

I was thinking about my habit of deleting bank alerts and e-statements from my email the minute they come in. It’s for security purposes. People should not pick up my phone and be able to see my financial history and behavior.
Then I needed to quickly get an information from the last mini statement I had gotten. I hoped I hadn’t deleted it.
But I had.
So I went to the thrash box to get out the message like I have done others in the past.
Then it hit me.
Deleting the inbox message counted only for that moment I opened my box. It won’t be there. But if I feel the need/pressure to really see that message, I will dig it out of the thrash.
Many of us treat sin and negative behavior in that same manner. We know it’s wrong and should not be found in our lives. So we thrash it. It’s like pouring spoilt food in the kitchen trash, but then decide to never take out the thrash. Do you plan to sometime come back to it?
Whatever you just keep in the trash bin isn’t truly out of your life. And unlike emails, there is no auto delete after a hundred days.
I also thought about the possibility of me never going back to the thrash. Well, it would stink. The odor would be repulsive.
What if some else finds it, and plays it against you? This is what the devil does. Toys with us using things we thought we hid.
What if some else finds it, and begins to feast on it? Causing another to sin, you have.
As Christians, we need to learn to take out our trash completely, not hide them in the recycle bin. Porn, sultry text messages, movies that are ‘just a movie’ kind, signatures you will never forge, … All should be permanently deleted.
I pray that we will all be able to rely on God in all things and for all things; to keep His word in our hearts and actions; and to stand with and for Him in all things be it in public or our own private decisions.
Take out your trash today. Incinerate!
God bless us all.

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