2014 In Words

Love— For all the different forms it comes in. For all the sneaky ways it creeps in. For all the sacrifices and sweetness it comes with.

Love— A second time because I have learnt and I am learning that there is no script that I have read or that I can conjure to describe what it is like. This is to ‘love’ for being the one that stays even after the fantasy is over.

Interconnectedness — ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ and the power of the internet. Someone you know knows someone you know but they have no idea that they both know you. The beauty of this year had a lot to do with old friends that became partners and brothers and sisters; friends of friends that became warm hands in cold times; understanding that has no boundary of age or location and people I’ve never seen that became sources of inspiration. The Yorubas say, ‘People are the clothing of worth that I cover up with’. One must have an identity but identities are only needed in the midst of people. Stay connected.

Grace — ‘Seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion’. This is what God’s grace does. It’s not fair. And while you are battling and crying to God to give you the power, what others see is that seemingly effortless victorious living. This was me and God in 2014. That will be us in 2015.

Favour — On the heels of Grace is favour. It’s a beautiful thing to receive favours. Which is why you must remain connected and build strong connections with the right people and source. Forget that negative impression you’ve got about godfathers, God gives special favours to those He knows. You’ve got to be connected! I am a multiple recipient of God’s favour and I have no intention of stopping. I got loved by the right people this year, got favoured by people who do not even know me; reason for that, just God.

Timing — No rush. Cut down on the need for speed. Don’t nip a caterpillar in a bid to help it.

Ideas — Always write them down. No matter how silly or unimaginable. Don’t hoard them. Sell the one you can sell. Dash some out for free. And hold on to the one that makes your heartbeat audible. Focus on that.

Execution — Ideas can’t change the world if they aren’t properly executed.

Strategy — For every idea that must be executed needs a solid plan.

Learn — Learning never grows old.

Family — For all the moments, calls and love. This year has shown me more than ever that although we cannot change our families, we can change the way we relate. Being friends with your family is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

Eat — From my parents to my friends and colleagues. ‘Eat, Dammy, eat’. I cannot count the number of times I was told this year that I had lost weight. But in all of it, I am grateful to God for good health.

Vulnerability — You’ve got to open up to let something good in; even though some not so great stuff may try to sneak in as well. I am better at understanding that I don’t need to have it all together before placing them out there. For all you know, someone is just around the riverbend, holding the rest of what you need while searching for what’s in your hand.

Restore — There were many things left undone, left unthought-of. Many things to know left unknown. A late starter one may be but a fast sturdy bloomer with deep roots one turns out. It all starts with a decision and the best time to make it is always now.

Oak — This is to grow as deep as I grow as high. This is the picture of a Christian living in all its fullness. Roots deeply grounded in Christ and living out the right purpose without fear of bowing to the wind of compromise. This is the goal. My ultimate goal.

Have a fabulous 2015.

Not many pictures taken in 2014. Here's me dancing December 2013. So short a journey it seems but God has been faithful in doing beautiful things.
Not many pictures taken in 2014. Here’s me dancing December 2013. So short a journey it seems but God has been faithful in doing beautiful things.

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