2015 Words

“Time is never frozen. Whatever happens, don’t freeze up either. Keep living”

Memories – in the rank of the beautiful things in life. The ability to smile at the recollection of those things that pleased us. The ability to cringe at those we’d rather forget. It is such a wonderful thing to have company of this sort when all we have for company is ourselves. 2015 gave me loads of these. Some lows. Many highs. And quite a number that felt like bouncing on a trampoline. All these led up to now. And none were wasted.

I am truly grateful for a great year. December 2014 was the first time I actually structured and penned down my dreams, prayers and goals for the next year. I went back to it a couple of times during the year; making my heart burst with pride more times than it made me curl up with a heavy heart.

2015 was first about settling into the Lagos life and my new job. It has been fantastic. For such a time as this, I could not ask for another team to work with. I am so grateful for the bosses I have and all the projects I have worked on. We drive ourselves nuts, pull ourselves and discover that limits are only a fiction in our world. We are going to have an amazing 2016 individually and as a team. Big love is what I have for you all

In 2015, I learnt more about love, giving it and receiving it, than I did in any other year. I guess it will always be like that. The challenges keep getting bigger. Just when I think I’ve got a handle on things, I get thrown into a higher level. And I love it. Bring it on 2016; whatever it is you have prepared.

For friendships, God was kind to me in 2016. This year, I made a conscious effort to redefine my circles and build more meaningful friendships instead and it has been so rewarding. A lot can happen in a year and I still wonder how. All I know is that God loves me so much that He placed the right people around me. I also know that if you want something to work, you have to and will make it work. I am grateful to these friends and family that made my 2015 tick.

For dreams getting defined and new ideas popping up, 2015 was amazing! I am so excited about the coming months.

More than these, 2015 was a more conscious year than its predecessors. During the Christmas holiday at home, I stumbled on an old jotter. In it were thoughts and ideas I’d penned down years ago; lessons I’d been taking on marketing and branding. It was funny that throughout this year, I had been learning about the same things as if I’d never heard of them. The consciousness of the process got lost somewhere. That’s where 2015 came up better. And not just about noting the process but also putting to practice the lessons as they come.

This my note looks really serious and just there. And it feels like there’s so much I want to say that isn’t bubbling up right now. I guess it’s not really in the superfluity of the words today. I just want to say I’m grateful for the blessings of 2015, the lessons I’ve learnt and the journey it started in many areas of my life.

Whatever it is we have to do, the best time to start is always now.

2016 goals are set to go. Here’s to surpassing them.

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