Gate-crashing the success party

Twitter was abuzz yesterday from the fierce rebuttal and attacks after Gbemi threw some shaded tweets to air her opinions about the phenomenon called ‘Mogbo Moya’. This post is really not about that. But while reading the posts from both sides and the ever gist ready Nigerians on Twitter, these lines from Asa’s Jailer kept playing in my head,

So when am I ever gonna be what I wanna be, without you looking at me like a wanna-be?

Success never sent out golden invites to its party. If you want to get in, you’ve got to gate-crash that fiesta with a beat that it cannot resist.

No one ever succeeded in a day’s work. It is journey. But so many of us are afraid of that tag ‘wanna-be’. We don’t want to be one of those ‘upcoming’ folks trying to grow their network by working the entire room. No one wants to feel like a fish out of water. But getting out of the ‘comfort zone’ is a sure way to feel odd in any crowd.

The truth is, to most people, you are just one of the budding bloggers hoping to make billions and buy a house on Banana Island like Linda Ikeji or just another 2Face, Alibaba, Dangote, Chimamanda, Ebuka or Funke-Bucknor wanna-be. But you’ve got to keep at it and work your own uniqueness into their lives. Soon they’ll fall in love with you while trying hard to remember how they first met you.

This of course can be a question of motives and then, perspective. Granted, there are people who would rather hobnob without providing any value. Please do not be like that. To effectively gate-crash a success party, you must be ready to give people what they need and crave even in your absence.

The success party is also not for the people who want to tag along with a ready attendee. Even sidekicks have special talents or qualities.

Craving attention at any price might get you into the party, but soon enough, you’re going to need more than just eccentrics and canoodling to keep courting success.

So while social climbing for the sake of being called a socialite is frowned upon, please, find a way to get yourself into those networks and associate with people who will help move your ministry forward. Just keep in mind that you cannot only do the taking. Giving something useful is the key to staying on in the success party.


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