The Woman and her Ink – #TheWInkChallenge from Access Bank’s W Initiative

Yay! So this has been cooking and finally, Nigeria’s first writing competition for women will kick off in March. I have so many angles to describe how necessary it is for women, and truly every one to be able to express themselves and do it articulately. It is something I have been working on myself. I know how difficult it can be to try and capture your thoughts in the right words with the hope that your message is not misunderstood by the intended listener. It is a hard something for some of us.

This is just one way I look at it.

Don’t stretch the silence

Silence is like an elastic material. If it keeps stretching, it either snaps or loses it’s elasticity and usefulness.

One of the things that hold you back from expressing your thoughts, opinions and feelings is the fear of rocking the boat. You prefer to endure through the process rather than say exactly what’s on your mind. You quiz yourself endlessly about the imperfection of your message or the imperfect representation of the well-rounded message in your heads by the time it completes it’s journey through our mouths. Even worse, sometimes you end up saying the opposite of what we truly want to say.

You are scared that speaking out will open wounds and break hearts failing to see that keeping things in just makes the heart harder and even more brittle. You think that your thoughts are not that interesting; that your opinions are worthless; that your feelings are silly; that the world has heard enough and that your message is over flogged.

But you miss out on things by not speaking up.

You pretend a lot and miss out on healthy relationships. Maybe you’re scared that they will think you’re crazy or weak or unintelligent. Or start to run from you. But the truth is, the best of friends are friends at their worst.

You miss out on building a good network. People will think you’re dumb and a doormat. They won’t share brilliant ideas with you. They won’t want to work with you.

You won’t get help when you need it. You won’t ask for it. You will hate to have to ask for help from the people you hardly relate with anyway.

You will be in isolation. If you fear talking to people, people will fear talking to you. It is a vicious cycle my friend.

What then can you do? It is easy to say – start talking. But it is a little more difficult to do. Here’s a first step – start writing your thoughts, opinions and views down. After you do, sign up on Access Bank’s The W Community, upload it on #TheWInkChallenge page and watch a community of women interact with the product of your beautiful mind.

The challenge opens on the 1st of March and closes on the 31st. What’s more, March is International Women’s Month, perfect fit, right? So start writing. I’ll be there to read every one of them and push for your victory over silence!

Remember to read and follow the guidelines.

Yay! That’s it for now. Big 🙂

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