Own your voice and your journey too

I went on a book shopping spree a few weeks back and as I picked one book after another off the shelf, the questions started coming back again.
What are these books doing for you?
I believe strongly in the power of words to effect change. So it gets to a point where you need to honestly ask yourself if any of the words you’ve been reading are actually pushing you to do something meaningful.
The truth is, I haven’t done as much reading as I would have loved to in the past year. I only managed four major books last year but they were books with powerful messages. I guess I’m in a bit of a hurry to see my dreams come true; to see the words on those pages come alive in everything I do.
More than reading so many books and applying the lessons in them, how much writing have I done in the last year? For one who loves words and believes in the potency of its power, how much have I applied myself to fine tuning my craft and getting my work out? There isn’t anything but webs of excuses getting thicker with each passing day.
Harsh truth.
One of those excuses was staring me in the face inside the book shop. Thousands of books lined the shelves; different voices combining the same twenty six alphabets to tell us their stories. What made any stand out really apart from marketing and brand positioning for each one book and the pedigree ascribed to its author?
I flipped through two of the books I had picked up; similar themes I noted. I almost shook my head in wonderment again – what could I possibly write about that would be vastly different from anything that has ever been done?
There is always that burning desire for complete originality, some level of expertise and authority on what one should be writing a book about.
It was after a few seconds that I realized I had dropped both books in the shopping basket again. True, the themes are not vastly different but the stories are going to be. And this is because the voices are different. Their experiences, perspectives and desires are different. Nothing can get more original than your own voice when you are being true to yourself. And that is what the essence of writing should be anyway. The most interesting and heart tugging books I’ve read were those whose words bled straight from the hearts and souls of the writers. The most practical books I’ve read as well came from curious minds that dared to research their theories and live out their imaginations. The best works come from people that are passionate about their topics and give due effort to their craft.
The Shakespeares, Karen Kingsburys, Chimamanda Adichies, Jane Austens, Soyinkas, Tim & Beverly Lahayes, Jeffrey Archers, Malcolm Gladwells did not make a name by fixating on writing about things that were never talked about. They simply wrote about things that mattered to them. Things they had learned and wanted to share with the world. And as it turned out that many people found that refreshing.
So it doesn’t matter if my writing is a long way from ‘there’. I can just keep writing. It doesn’t matter that I’m writing about what a hundred other people have talked about. It’s my own perspective.
Hey. I can even write about writing and call it ‘My Journey’ or something more dramatic.
I don’t have to know all about it. Much of the fun will probably be found in the mistakes, the stumbles, the falls and getting up from them. And someone might actually get to learn from them.
So, where’s that my compendium of writing and blogging projects?

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