#FaithToFaith: by hearing the word

I’ve had a ‘bad habit’ for a few years now. The only types of music I have deeply engaged with have been in the rock and electronica genre. But I have spent the past two days listening to music from Micah Stampley and other worship leaders. The hope was that my screen reading would be minimal during the Word Conference at HOTR. I don’t want to be chewing mouth when brethren begin lifting holy hands and singing with full hearts. Suffice to say, it ain’t werking. Sure, the songs won’t be totally strange to me but a music crash course in the midst of distractions? Oh well. Holy Spirit – be my prompter.

The Word Conference starts today at House on the Rock and I’ve been designing strategies to attend the weekday services. It’s not something I want to miss. The theme alone is enough pull for me – Faith to Faith. The first time I saw it, it felt like it was so themed for me. I have been reading and learning about trust for some weeks now. From devotionals to bible study and books, everything has been centered on letting go of the need to know and giving up control (not like things were perfect when I held on to it anyway).

One of the books I got is titled ‘Learning how to trust’ and it opened my mind to something I had previously not consciously thought about before. Trusting God is basically having faith in Him; taking Him at His word. And we know that without faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). I also know that faith comes by hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17). There is never too much of it. So while nothing beats a personal time in the study of this word, it is absolutely important to hear from the mouths of those who have been immersed in the purpose of teaching the word.

One important thing we like to say as Christians is to be expectant. Preparing for any service should be a big deal. We are going to a special feast on a table set by God Himself! That means different types of delicacies will be there. Different sizes. How much are you preparing to eat? Will you be sticking with the one you already know or will you try something new? Will you relish the taste of the meal or will you eat it out of necessity alone? I think it is important we look forward to receiving something deliciously new every time we meet with God.

And so, as I prepare for the conference with a crash course in popular songs of worship, a big belly and a ready heart to learn, I pray for those ministering in any capacity; that the words from their mouth will come straight from God.

Are you in Lagos? Will you be at the word conference? How are you preparing for it?


The conference starts on April 13 and will run till April 17, 2016 with Pastor Paul Adefarasin, the host; Pastor Mensah Otabil, Founder of International Central Gospel Church headquartered in Accra, Ghana; Bishop David Abioye, Second most senior Bishop of Living Faith Church Winners Chapel; Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, Senior pastor of Kingsway International Christain Centre in London; Dr Abel Damina and high impact teacher Dr. Cindy Trim.

There will be music too!! Excited much.

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