My journey into Network Marketing

I always thought Networking was a fantastic idea… not necessarily good, just fantastic and fascinating. I have family members who had been involved in one network marketing scheme or the other and it didn’t go the way it had been depicted to be. So there was already a negative vibe about it even though I never really knew what it was about. But the whole concept of referring people to a business and getting paid for it fascinated me; ignorantly. See, I’ve learnt and written about networking before, but that was as it related to meeting people and making the right connections for your business. This was different. And I did not bother to find out how.

IMG_5779Then Lynda got into the business full time and started toasting us on Facebook. She chatted me up around this time last year, about taking residual income seriously; the almighty side hustle; I knew she was right.


But even figuring out what to do and how on earth I would combine that with work was an issue. Back then, I would just like her post in wonder and not spend more a few seconds on it. That was until she hit her three months financial goal this year and rewarded herself with a Honda Crosstour. Then the serious consideration began.

What exactly does this networking thing even mean? Well, I would have loved to finish this network marketing book my friend got for me and get my brain full with all the resources that Google has to offer on the subject but you see, one quick thing I picked up from my research is this, you learn on the go. And I am in! Whoop! Let’s do this.

So, this post is a JJC documentation of lessons learned so far… and it would probably relate to other ventures.

  1. Learn as you earn – Seriously. This works for anything you decide to do as a business or even a hobby. Don’t wait until you know it all theoretically. You never will. You will learn faster with practice.
  2. Start early. Start as soon as you smell that opportunity. The smart ones do not necessarily start big. They started early. Oh, do I wish I caught this then! Anyway, there is a reason.
  3. Teamwork works. I don’t know about other MLM companies. But the structure of this is quite impressive. The point is that you’ve got to pull other people up for you to get higher.
  4. Don’t be coy about your business. This is serious business people. Good stuff. Don’t try to sell it under the table. Don’t tease your way around it either. Now I don’t know why Lynda didn’t just nudge me about her business back then. But these days, her toasting level has changed. Like, ‘I know what I’m selling and it is for your own good. That takes me to the fifth…
  5. Know your business. She knows what she does and how it will work for you when you out your mind to it. The first guy I tried to talk to started preaching about his own business and how each product will turn lives downside up. I wasn’t daunted. Yes, I have mouth. But mouth must speak from the point of knowledge. Start early, start with only belief but you’ve got to bulk up on knowledge to move forward.You will always have more to learn. Don’t hesitate to speak from the point you know but never stop learning and getting better.
  6. Many successful business men are said to have employed Network Marketing as a strategy. Now that is not only inspiring but smart and my next point will tell you why.
  7. Marketing budgets are a ton for many corporate bodies. Take a moment to find out how much adverts on television and in Newspapers cost. Online may be cheaper now but there’s still a lot of dollars going in there. What’s profit saying for Facebook and Twitter? Exactly. Bear in mind that it is only on few occasions that these funds aren’t just expenses. That means, forgone, only with the hope that your AD choices are persuasive enough to significantly increase your market share. Now imagine that this already existing budget is funding a Network Marketing strategy (word of mouth) instead of billboards that people may only enjoy the view? Exactly. Now, not every company can do this and it is understandable. Different products require different strategies. But, imagine getting paid a ‘stipend’ in exchange for your word of mouth referral on a soap or cream or tea? Imagine that a huge chunk of the marketing budget has been set aside to pay you for telling somebody to buy a delicious pack of beverage?

But why do you have to keep imagining when you can just find out how? If you want to know more, don’t waste five seconds thinking about it because you won’t make a move. Let’s do this! Drop a comment or hit me up on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram now.

Bonus: What will people say? Drop the thought now. Have a groundbreaking day.



2 thoughts on “My journey into Network Marketing

  1. I have always been skeptical about network marketing. Seen many come and go while the fail with their promises. Although recently a friend have been pitching one to me –still dragging my feet– and just as you have said I am pushed to give it a try. No risk , no reward, right?


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