Things that happen outside that comfort place

Staying on my bed is so easy and comfy. Laptop. The internet connection is good. I’ve got books. I’ve got snacks. I could stay in bed all day. And I do sometimes. But things happen when you step out. And not just out of the bed and the house, when you step out of that place that has housed your mind for too long. Look, I made a list.

  • You will get chased by a Peacock and throw your sweet sausage in the opposite direction so it can chase it and leave you alone. Who knew Peacocks could smell savory?
  • You will learn that you can hold your liquor in better and longer than you can watch the wine sit in a glass. If there is liquid in the flute, why should it not be drowned in your mouth? (No story here)
  • Creativity takes on a new form. You will see that there is more than one way to do regular things – cooking, writing, speaking, anything really.
  • Not all families are like yours. Some are crazier. Some are saner. Some teach you things you wish you knew. Most will show you why you should be grateful for who you have in yours.
  • Your dreams get bigger and possibilities stretch beyond your imagination.
  • You will loathe yourself for paying to get your documents stamped in a court but you will like the idea you are planning to pitch to your lawyer friend.
  • Sea Food may sound exotic but after two episodes in the bathroom, you’ll decide it’s not in your calling.
  • People will listen to you if you have something of value to say. And sometimes, even when you don’t, they’ll listen to you because you are the only one saying what you are saying.
  • It’s great to rub minds with smart people. Man. You’ll be like, really, who knew that? And who knew this?
  • You’ll be challenged to learn more and do more.
  • You’ll learn that money is important. Really important.
  • You’ll also learn new ways of making it.
  • You’ll also learn that it is not everything. There are way more important and necessary things.
  • You’ll learn to survive things you never imagined could happen to you.
  • You friends really do love you. Even if they can’t be with you all the time.
  • You’ll realize you’re not the worst person in the world, some people want to be like you.
  • You’ll find a purpose, something bigger than you, that urges you on.

Basically, you will learn new things about yourself, open your mind to possibilities. You will be more accepting of people and their little zits and nuances. You’ll discover that there’s more to life than your own desires. You’ll discover that in helping others and being there for them, you’ll find a reason to jump out of bed and live a life of meaning.

Yeah. You’ll also see that it’s not everyday you overthink what you will say or write, sometimes, be free and just make a list that may not even make plenty sense at once.

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