As you figure things out…

Hurray! You’ve gotten to that point of honesty in your life where you admit that you don’t have it all together and somethings needs to be done. We all get to that point in our lives where you don’t even know where your ducks are. And the only one you have in sight is bouncing everywhere like a crazy chick. giphy But the minute you’ve accepted that something or many things aren’t right, you best know you are on track. Don’t stop. So on my own track, here’s a few things I learnt and am learning and definitely need to share with you.

  • Know what you want. This sounds so basic. You ask, what else does anybody want but a good and peaceful life? (Or whatever vague nice sounding words you use) Bro. Sis. Have you tried to ask people to define what good and peaceful is? Those things are relative. You’ve got to know what you want in details and specifics.
  • Find your center. I learned how to solve a Rubiks cube a few weeks back. rubiksThe secret is in the center. The cubes at the center never move. You need to find that thing that keeps you steady; what everything else can revolve around and stand on without collapsing. What your life is centered on determines how long you’ll spend twisting and trying to match things up in your life. Make sure you choose the right center. Mine is Jesus Christ.
  • Define your values. Well, your center makes it easy for you to do this. Your values as it affects everything about your life – spiritually, physically, financially, socially, etc. What will you accept or not accept? Define your standard.
  • Be careful when asking people for advice. You need those two earlier points set and good before you do. Even when it’s the best and most well-meaning people, many would advice you in the general direction of your confusion. Choose people that help you discover who you are.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to know it all. It is great that you know just where you are and you’ve taken count of what you have. You won’t fall into all you want in one day or even know it all in one day. But if you know where you are, the very next step is enough for a moment. Take it and the next step after that will not be far off. Keep going.
  • Open your mind and open your eyes and desire great things without holding back. You know that quote that is almost like a cliche now? What will you do if you knew you could not fail? This is a question to spur your imagination. Desire like a selfish son of a trillionaire! (in the right currency too). Ask for anything like nothing is impossible to get; because nothing is. If you could have it all, what would you ask for? Ask. And go ahead to take it!
  • Write it down! Write it all down. Don’t keep all these desires in your head. It will just be a vague mush. Write it down. Draw it if you can. Create a board of colourful photos for it. Just document those things that make your heart full when you think of them.
  • Make a plan. Break it down to steps and follow through. It’s going to be tough. You’re going to feel like a fraud and feel like crap. Crap those feelings and keep going. Get out of that box of feelings and clean it out. Then only allow the good stuff go in.

Oh there’s lots more. Like meet good people, speak good things to yourself. Ask questions and learn and lots more. But you know what, just begin and these things will start making themselves known to you.

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