What is the Nigerian Presidential Candidate of Year 2035 doing today?

I reckon this person is around 30 years old now. In fact, it is our hope that this person is younger – mid to late twenties. Now, this person may be male or female but I crave your indulgence to use the pronoun ‘He’ to represent the person. For the sake of this short, short, article.

He may not have the plan for it now. And he may not dream of being president yet. But he is conscious of the greatness and influence that he is; now and in the future.

He most likely already has a good education with a proof of it hanging on his wall or sitting on his shelf. Maybe he works in a reputable company or is one of the enterprising young Nigerians taking the risky tunnel of owning a Start-Up company. You know, with ‘CEO and Founder’ crested on a name tag on his table. He definitely has it as his email signature and Social Media bio.

Maybe he is a visionary. I like the visionaries. Started out to change the course of his industry. He is loved by many and tagged as ‘a beacon to look out for’. He has probably been named as a Forbes Promising Young African to Watch or will be named soon. He is smart. He is focused. He is ambitious.

When he speaks, one and all listen. His words carry wisdom. He is analytical and charismatic.

I wonder what his Mondays look like in the office? I doubt he spends a good part of the day on social media. It won’t make sense. He’s got to be disciplined and be more concerned about being productive.

How does he treat his subordinates or his workers? I believe his company will be an inspiring place to work in. He is genuinely concerned about the growth of his workers. He is tough on mistakes but not on their self-esteem. They all look up to him; they give their best because they know he appreciates it. He shows this in not just words but in the policies he makes to give them a good working experience. Their loyalty is important to him, after all, he will need their support, directly or tacitly in twenty years time. More than that, he is already mapping out the kind of leader he will be.

He knows that the growth of his company as a whole may be greater but still in the sum of all its parts.

He is deeply concerned about the state of the Nation. And too many times he has been tempted to focus solely on the growth of his own company without a care. Survive at any cost. Sometimes he compromises. But his heart is always drawn back to the true tenets of leadership. He understands first hand that his account can be fattened with alerts from people he should not be mentioned with. But the future he wants is bigger. And he is conscious of this. That’s why he pays his tax even though he doesn’t completely agree with the laws. He especially hates that he has to pay for things he, his company and other Nigerians will not enjoy. But he is the model citizen.

He recognizes his mistakes. And does not make excuses for them. He knows his weaknesses. And owns up to them with a sense of responsibility. He knows his strengths. And does not trample on others with them.

He sees the good in others. He sees their rough edges but rather than try to make them all smooth, he sharpens them for the just the work that they were made for.

I wonder how he keeps healthy. Does he eat right and exercise as needed? I hope he has a doctor and doesn’t  drink himself sore. I sure hope he cares about his lungs and doesn’t smoke. Nigeria will be in her mega boom years in 2031, we need a healthy president to manage our affairs both internally and externally.

What about Friday nights? Whoop. Maybe he likes to turn up. But please, not a party animal. Apart from health related concerns of over-drinking and smoke inhalation, there’s the risk of accidents and social repercussions. That stuff in the bongs, are they even legal? Not in this social media world too. Reputation protection man. It doesn’t count now, right? The way elections are run in this country. But it will in 2035. It will be a campaign to reference for its intrigues and also, its revolutionary professionalism.

And his women! Does he have one right now? I hope he does – married or not. And if he doesn’t have one yet, that’s good too. But he can’t be playing ‘friends’ with several women or worse, tapping some random once in a while. For health, for character, for integrity, for support, for a clean record – no, he just cannot be playing with that delicate part of his life. He respects women and sees the brilliance in them. When he finds his, he is not vague about his intentions. He doesn’t have time for that. When he’s with her, he treats her like a first lady in waiting. He supports her dreams and is not afraid of her success. He makes the men jealous of him and other women respect her. (Oh!! To be his first lady *wink*)

Twenty years is a long way out. And this is just a quick thought in the head of a girl whose mind likes to visit places and times that are not yet here.

Now, it may not be just the president. His vice president too. Senators. Ministers. Business moguls. Political lords.

Twenty years is a long way out. It may look like a simple swig of the bottle, a single blow on her face, a few words to reprimand, a few hours surfing social, a quick profit on a necessary odd job; but whoever you are, know that whatever you are doing now, is affecting your future chances at success – not just yours but a nation’s.

Future president – live like one from today.

This article is for my pleasure and may be updated as new thoughts of what my future president is doing or should be doing crosses my mind.

What do you think our future president is doing right now?

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