Man like you | Elijah

The things that Elijah did (A few of his 16 miracles)

He stood up to a corrupt government.

He held rain in an entire country for three and half years.

He raised a boy from the dead.

He called down fire from heaven, three times!

He killed 850 prophets of Baal and Asherah.

He spoke and prayed for rain and it poured on the land of Israel.


Yet, this man was given to bouts of disappointments, fear and depressing thoughts. I can imagine though, God had just shown His awesomeness through him by sending fire down to lick up a drenched sacrifice and he had just called down rain to make a nation happy. Still, the king, who had seen these wonders could not believe God enough to rein in his wife’s excesses. That should be frustrating to anyone.

But something I could not ignore was Elijah’s constant state of mind that he was alone. This mindset is the focus of this study today.

There are times when it feels like you are alone in your conviction and decision to do what is right or stand for what you believe in. In a society like ours, it’s easy to get bombarded by popular culture to the extent that it seems ‘everyone is doing it.’

Everyone is paying lip service and taking advantage where they can. It’s just office politics.

Everyone is giving ‘tips’. It’s just the cost of ‘acceleration’

Everyone is having sex before marriage; even leaders in the church are in adulterous relationships.

This mindset usually leads to one of three things – giving in to the pressure; being a martyr and strutting around like a peacock because you are different, not caring about consequences; or like Elijah, asking God to take your life because you are frustrated and tired of being the only one.

But there is another way. We’ll get there shortly.

What I found most surprising was that Elijah made his first ‘I alone am left’ (I Kings 18:22) statement just after Obadiah told him about the one hundred prophets he hid in two caves. Now, I suppose that Elijah may have meant that he was the prophet who still dared to speak up but I do think that it is possible that you get consumed in your aloneness and lose track of the things going on around you.

While it is good to be solely focused on your own purpose, could it be that once in awhile, it would be good to actually pay attention to our environment?

Shortly after this, Elijah calls down fire, kills the prophets of Baal and speaks rain down on Israel. Then Jezebel makes her threat and he fell into depression, asking God to take his life.

And he said, I have been very zealous for the Lord God of hosts: because the children of Israel have forsaken thy covenant, thrown down thine altars, and slain thy prophets with the sword; and I, even I only, am left; and they seek my life, to take it away.
1 Kings 19:14 KJV

This was a true cry for help. Elijah was intense with everything. From the fire of God to suddenly being in the heat of depression. And in response, God gives him instructions on where to go and who to anoint, including his successor. And then he tells him about the 7000 prophets that had been preserved who had not turned away from God.

There is always someone else who cares. Be it for you or about your cause.

I believe that there are people who carry the same power or passion that you do. People who want nothing else but to please God like you want to please him. They will stand and speak the truth even though it’s just in their little way like Obadiah did. There are Nigerians genuinely pursuing the interest of this country.

I believe that if we ask God for direction, He will give us a calm and humble spirit, lead us to the right people and do greater works than you could ever do when you thought that you were the only one desirous of positive change.

Are you a man like Elijah? Have you ever felt like you were the only one supporting a good cause or standing up for the truth? How did you handle it?

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