The Woman and her Ink – #TheWInkChallenge from Access Bank’s W Initiative

Silence is like an elastic material. If it keeps stretching, it either snaps or loses it’s elasticity and usefulness.

One of the things that hold you back from expressing your thoughts, opinions and feelings is the fear of rocking the boat. You prefer to endure through the process rather than say exactly what’s on your mind. You quiz yourself endlessly about the imperfection of your message Continue reading The Woman and her Ink – #TheWInkChallenge from Access Bank’s W Initiative

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Simple views on the oil price slump

Our wealth as an oil producing nation, is determined by the nuances and situation of other countries with a plan for growth and development. In many ways, the attitude of our country in international affairs is the sum total of our own mind-set as individuals.

While the government is to set the pace in innovative and workable policies, we should start recognizing areas we can create value. Are you being productive or merely being a dependent consumer? Continue reading Simple views on the oil price slump

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Redefining Success

In a land where all we do is eat, poverty cannot be seen as a temporary house guest. Showing off newly acquired apple and Samsung products; filling one’s kitchen cabinet with the latest imported crockery; feeling proud to have access to contraband goods; looking down on the world from the lofty view of an ‘oil worker’ with an expatriate boss. We have been so stricken with lack and want that our … Continue reading Redefining Success

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