Midnight musings – I should have stayed still

I smiled at you like it could save the earth and your lips curved right up without hesitation but your smile only told me I could stay if I wanted to. It never came with the invitation I so badly wanted. I got close and you stayed warm. The flame did not rise.

Yet my fire stayed burning. Not doused; just kept alive with splinters of niceties and drops of exaggerated interpretations to your actions. Continue reading Midnight musings – I should have stayed still

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Let’s talk

The importance of spoken words cannot be usurped. It is unarguably,the basic ingredient,a cornerstone in the building of good relationships. Having the thoughts or the feelings towards a person,a concept or an idea has no value unless the message is properly passed across to the intended recipient. Over and over, counsellors, motivational speakers have extolled the value of communication. It is said to be the … Continue reading Let’s talk

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